David Cairns, Thatcher & Brown

Sent to the Herald: 18th July 2008. Not published.
Dear Sir,
The mock offence of David Cairns MP in response to the remarks by Cllr John Mason about Brown and Thatcher is laughable (news, 18 July). There is nothing shocking in what Cllr Mason said; Alex Salmond is on record some years ago stating that it would be difficult to place a cigarette paper between the policies of New Labour and the Conservatives in relation to their tax and economic policies. Looking today at the state of the economy and the penalisation of the poorest workers in society through the ten pence tax band abolition we can see the clear basis for such comments. 
To those of us who support Scottish independence we look not simply at the colour of rosette worn by whoever lives in 10 Downing Street but the principles (or lack of them) and the policies that they claim to represent. The political fraud perpetuated against the Scottish people over our natural resources for over three decades has been carried out by Tory and Labour administrations in London alike. On the constitution they fundamentally sing from the same hymn sheet, albeit in a disjointed manner. Both Tory and Labour pursue the privatisation of public services with a vengeance, both have colluded over imperialist war and both are for retaining Weapons of Mass Destruction on the Clyde.
In any case if Mr Cairns thinks that the people of Glasgow have forgotten who Gordon Brown had around to Downing Street last September for tea and scones then he is mistaken. 
Yours for Scotland,

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